Experimental Wiki Clipboard

Can we combine 1) a bookmarklet with 2) an html script hosted in wiki assets and 3) browser local storage to help us create wiki pages from a proliferation of browser tabs? — Not working yet, but we think this is close.

//wiki.dbbs.co/assets/pages/experimental-wiki-clipboard/clip.html HEIGHT 20

workflow to collect a group of links

To install the bookmarklet, drag the link labeled "clip" from the frame above into your browser bookmark bar.

Switch to a tab you want to collect and click the "clip" bookmarklet to reveal the collection form.

Write a sentence or two about why this web page is interesting enough to save. Take your time with this step. A moment of reflection here will enrich your collection of links and anchor the value of this page in your own memory.

To collect this link, press the return key on your keyboard.

At this point you've collected the link into browser local storage.

Repeat these steps for each tab in a group of related web pages you have been reluctant to close.

A note about the security and privacy of this moment in the workflow. This does send the the page title, the URL, and your annotation over the internet to the html script. The script is written to only save this data in your browser local storage. But the web server hosting this wiki also has a chance to log those details you've sent. If you don't want to trust the admin of this web server, you should make a copy of this script to host on a server you do trust, and you should inspect the source code to double-check that there isn't anything else sneaky going on.

workflow to save in a wiki page

Visit clip

Take a moment to reflect on the collection of links you have saved. Choose a suitable title and write a synopsis for the collection. This is another place where time taken here will enrich the collection and anchor it in your own memory.

Click Download.

Return to your wiki.

Drag the downloaded file into the lineup.

Fork the ghost page.